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Jymius Brantan Wright also known as music artist Geek82 looks to get registered voters & potential voters to sign a petition which would create a law assuring parenting orders are in full effect prior to support orders being put in effect with paternity test on file.  Jymius feels that it is imperative for parents to co parent right out of the gate just in case things go awry within the two parents physical relationship.  Wright also states in a recent interview in quote “have you ever went to Walmart & paid for something in full & not left with the product?”  “Well that’s how it feels being a parent paying child support & having your kids or kid withheld from you because of vindictiveness.”  Jymius believes this could be a game changer. With hopes of Missouri and other States to push for new laws fair to mothers & fathers.  Jymius  has been in & out of court for approximately 4 years seeking joint custody of 3 of his kids.  Wright feels that the parenting laws favor women more so than men.  Many men in Wright’s past position typically will not seek custody rights due to lack of funds & time.  That’s why the E.J.P.D.I. law is so important.  With higher child deaths in Saint Louis one could argue its due to lack of proper parenting as far as the people doing the killing & not the victims. Help Jymius make change for communities across the globe.


The More You Know

The law makes it clear that paying child support and parenting time (visitation) are two separate things.

Even if the paying parent does not see their children, they still have to pay child support. The parent who receives child support cannot cut off the paying parent's court ordered parenting time (visitation), even if they are not paying child support.

The receiving parent must follow certain legal procedures to enforce a child support order. The receiving parent cannot enforce a child support order by denying court ordered parenting time.

The opposite is also true. The paying parent cannot stop paying child support even if the other parent is not allowing parenting time (visitation). The paying parent must follow certain legal procedures to enforce a parenting time order. The paying parent cannot enforce a parenting time order by not paying child support.



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